Difficult Words:

Provident and Protract

Difficult Words : Provident and Protract

Protract (proh TRACT) v: to prolong

The trial was so protracted that one of the jurors died of old age and another gave birth

The commencement speaker promised not to protract his remarks, but then he spoke for two solid hours. It was a protracted speech.

Provident (PROV i dunt) adj: preparing for the future, providing for the future, frugal

We were provident with our limited food supplies, knowing that the winter ahead would be long and cold.

The provident father had long ago set aside money for the college educations of each of his children.

To be improvident is to fail to provide for the future.

It was improvident of the grasshopper not to store any food for the winter, unlike his acquaintance the provident ant.

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