Difficult Words:

Reciprocal and Recant

Difficult Words : Reciprocal and Recant

Recant (ri KANT) v: to publicly take back and deny (something previously said or believed), to openly confess error

The chagrined scientist recanted his theory that mice originated on the moon. It turned out that he had simply mixed up the results of two separate experiments.

The secret police tortured the intellectual for a week by tickling his feet with a feather duster, until he finally recanted.

An act of recanting is called a recantation.

Reciprocal (ri SIP ruh kul) adj: mutual, shared, interchangeable

The Rochester Club had a reciprocal arrangement with the Duluth Club. Members of either club had full privileges of membership at the other.

Their hatred was reciprocal. They hated each other.

To reciprocate is to return in kind, to interchange or to repay.

Our new neighbors had had us over for dinner several times, but we were unable to reciprocate immediately because our dining room was being remodeled.

Peter hit Paul over the head with a stick. Paul reciprocated by punching Peter in the nose.

Reciprocity is a reciprocal relation between two parties often whereby both parties gain.

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