Difficult Words:

Recrimination and Reclusive

Difficult Words : Recrimination and Reclusive

Reclusive (ri KLOOS iv) adj: hermit like, withdrawn from society

The crazy millionaire led a reclusive existence, shutting himself up in his labyrinthine mansion and never setting foot in the outside world.

Our new neighbors were so reclusive that we did not even meet them until a full year after they had moved in.

A reclusive person is a recluse.

After his wife’s death, the grieving old man turned into a recluse and seldom ventured out of his house.

Recrimination (ri KRIM uh NAY shun) n: bitter Counteraccusation or the act of making a bitter counteraccusation

The word is often used in the plural. Mary was full of recrimination. When I accused her of stealing my pen, she angrily accused me of being careless, evil and stupid.

The courtroom echoed with the recriminations of the convicted defendant as he was taken off to the Penitentiary.

To make a recrimination is to recriminate. The adjective is recriminatory.

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