Difficult Words:

Refute and Redolent

Difficult Words : Refute and Redolent

Redolent (ri DUN dunt) adj: fragrant

The air in autumn is redolent of wood smoke and fallen leaves.

The flower arrangements on the table were both beautiful and redolent.

Something that is redolent has redolence.

Redolent also means suggestive.

The new play was redolent of one I had seen many years ago.

Refute (ri FYOOT) v: to prove to be false, to disprove

His expensive suit and imported shoes clearly refuted his claim that he was poor.

I refuted Kerry’s mathematical proof by showing him that it depended on two and two adding up to five.

An act of refuting is called a refutation.

The audience enjoyed the panel and its humorous refutation of the main speaker's theory about the possibility of building an antigravity airplane.

Something that is indubitable, something that cannot be disproved is irrefutable. Carrier's experiments with jelly beans and pencil erasers offered irrefutable proof that jelly beans taste better than pencil erasers.

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