Difficult Words:

Relegate and Reiterate

Difficult Words : Relegate and Reiterate

Reiterate (ree IT uh RATE) v: to say again, to repeat

The candidate had reiterated his position so many times on the campaign trial that he sometimes even muttered it in his sleep.

To reiterate, let me say once again that I am very happy to have been invited to the birthday celebration of your adorable Pekingese.

An act of reiterating is called a reiteration.

Bobby's reiteration of his demands was entirely unnecessary, since we already knew what they were.

Relegate (REL uh GATE) v: to banish, to send away

The most junior of the junior executives was relegated to a tiny, windowless office that had once been a broom closet.

The new father's large collection of jazz records was relegated to the cellar to make room for the new baby's larger collection of stuffed animals. The father objected to the relegation of his record collection to the cellar, but his objection did no get the attention of other people.

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