Difficult Words:

Replenish and Repercussion

Difficult Words : Replenish and Repercussion

Repercussion (REE pur KUSH un) n: a consequence, an indirect effect

One repercussion of the new tax law was that accountants found themselves with a lot of new business.

The declaration of war had many repercussions including a big increase in production at the bomb factory.

Replenish (ri PLEN ish) v: to fill again, to resupply, to restore

The manager of the hardware store needed to replenish his stock. Quite a few of the shelves were empty.

The commanding general replenished his army with a trainload of food and other supplies.

After the big Thanksgiving meal, everyone felt replenished.

An act of replenishing is replenishment. The replenishment of our firewood supply was our first thought after the big snowstorm.

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