Difficult Words :

Reproach and Reprisal

Difficult Words : Reproach and Reprisal

Reprisal (ri PRYE zul) n: a military action undertaken in revenge for another, an act of taking an eye for an eye

The raid on the Iranian oil-drilling platform was a reprisal for the Iranians' earlier attack on the American tanker.

Fearing reprisals from the terrorists, the CIA beefed up its security after capturing the terrorist leader.

Reproach (ri PROACH) v: to scold, usually in disappointment, to blame, to disgrace

My doctor reproached me for gaining twenty pounds after he had advised me to lose fifteen.

The police officer reproached me for leaving my car parked overnight in a no-standing zone.

Reproach can also be a noun.

To look at someone with reproach is to look at that person critically or accusingly.

To be filled with self-reproach can mean to be ashamed.

Impeccable behavior is beyond fault, it is irreproachable.

Even though Jerome did split Anunt Mable's skull with an axe, his motive was irreproachable: He had merely been trying to kill a fly perched on her hairnet.

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