Difficult Words :

Sacrilege and Saccharine

Difficult Words : Sacrilege and Saccharine

Saccharine (SAK uh rin) adj: sweet, excessively or disgustingly sweet

Saccharin is a calorie-free sweetener. Saccharine means sweet. Except for the spelling, this is one of the easiest to remember words there is. Don't screw up.

Saccharine can be applied to things that are literally sweet, such as sugar, Saccharin, fruit and so on. It can also be applied to things that are sweet in a figurative sense, such as children, personalities and sentiments especially things that are too sweet or sweet in a sickening way.

We wanted to find a nice card for Uncle Moe, but the cards in the display at the drugstore all had such saccharine messages that we would have been too embarrassed to send any of them.

The love story was so saccharine that I ended up loathing the heroine and wishing the hero would belch or pick his nose just to break the gooey monotony.

Sacrilege (SAK ruh lij) n: a violation of something sacred, blasphemy

The minister committed the sacrilege of delivering his sermon while wearing his golf shoes. He didn't want to be late for his tea-off time which was just a few minutes after the scheduled end of the service.

The members of the fundamentalist sect believed that dancing, going to movies and watching television were sacrileges.

To commit a sacrilege is to be sacrilegious. Be careful with the spelling of these words.

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