Synonyms & Antonyms : Sanction


( Verb )

Would you sanction flogging as a punishment for crimes of violence?










Contextual Examples:

The teacher allowed the student to go home early today.

Amarnath works hard to support his family.

She doesn’t want to take her boy friend home in case her parents don’t approve.

Most nations of the world have ratified the U.N. character.

I am sure his boss will endorse his view on the issue.

He has been authorized to issue letters on behalf of the principal.

Anthony was given a permit to go through the private park.

The hotel confirmed our reservations by telegram.









Contextual Examples:

The Principal has disallowed the use of college premises for political activities.

The retired officers of the commerce ministry have been debarred from doing liaison work for private firms.

The UN Security Council has vetoed the General Assembly’s decision to impose economic and political sanctions against North Korea.

The government has banned the use of religious shrines for accumulation of weapons.

The government has interdicted the publication of educational books calculated to cause communal disharmony.

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