Serendipity and Sequester

Difficult Words : Serendipity and Sequester

Sequester (si KWES tur) v: to set or keep apart

Since much of the rest of the city had become a battle zone, the visiting entertainers were sequestered in the international hotel.

The struggling writer sequestered himself in his study for several months, trying to produce the Great American Novel.

Juries are sometimes sequestered during trials to prevent them from talking to people or reading newspapers.

Serendipity (SER uh DEP I tee) n: accidental good fortune, discovering good things without looking for them

It was serendipity rather than genius that led the archaeologist to his breathtaking discovery of the ancient civilization. While walking his dog in the desert, he tripped over the top of buried tomb.

Something that occurs through serendipity is serendipitous.

Our arrival at the airport serendipitously coincided with that of the Queen and she offered us a ride to our hotel in her carriage.

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