Synonyms & Antonyms : Settle


( Verb )

The Dutch settled in South Africa.












Contextual Examples:

We will conclude the concert with the National Anthem.

A new thermal power plant was established at the far end of our village.

I have fixed the next meeting with union leader at 4 P.M. on Saturday.

The company has decided to liquidate all its dues this year.

Two of the runners failed to finish.

The Hindu Marriage Act applies to those Hindus only who domicile in India.

He needs to adjust the brakes of his bicycle.

The Gaon Panchayats can decide upon petty cases only.

The Supreme Court alone can determine inter-state disputes and constitutional interpretation.

The Dutch were the first among Europeans to colonies new territories in Africa and Asia.







Contextual Examples:

The new manager has ruffled all the organization.

The new mechanic has dismantled my car with a view to overhaul and cleanses each part.

The speaker confused the different issues of the debated subject. No wonder he was hooted down.

The untimely death of the son has seriously deranged the mother.

When I visited the place of accident I found every thing in disorder.

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