Synonyms & Antonyms : Shallow


( Adjective )

He lost in the oratorical competition because of his shallow argument.









Contextual Examples:

His mother keeps telling David not to cry over trifle things.

The new teacher seems to have superficial understanding of mathematics. He never goes deeper into any chapter.

He is no indifferent to studies; he misses his college on slight excuses.

Hema is so sensitive, even trivial things upset her.

It was foolish to quarrel with his best friend.

His unintelligent handling of the situation has implicated him in the losses of the financial deal.

The machine is quite simple to use.










Contextual Examples:

Chandra is a wise and intelligent boy.

His intelligent talks have impressed his teachers and friends.

The business man proved too shrewd for the fake salesman.

The astute handling of the labor problem enabled the management to avoid the lockout.

There is a discerning resemblance between the two brothers.

Danny is a deep thinker. He thinks twice before he speaks or acts.

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