Synonyms & Antonyms : Shame


( Noun )

What a shame to deceive a girl!










Contextual Examples:

Smith felt disgraced when he split the ink on the table cloth of his boss.

Jack was filled with abasement when he was asked by the principal to stand up on the bench.

Her modesty kept her from wearing a mini-skirt.

His collusion with the enemy brought dishonor to the whole family.

His son was refused admission in the school for his shyness.

I forgot to preface my speech owing to stage shyness. What mortification indeed!






Contextual Examples:

I felt greatly honored on receiving the trophy from the sports minister.

The principal showed due grace to let me present the gift to the minister.

I shook hands with my friend with smooth flare.

It needs courage to face a huge audience from the stage.

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