Synonyms & Antonyms : Shock


( Noun )

If you touch the live wire, you will get a shock.










Contextual Examples:

She was scared to see a thief under her bed.

The news of his failure in the examination dismayed him.

My refusal to lend him the bicycle offended him.

Cruelty to children is an outrage punishable under law.

The failure of his business was a terrible blow to him.

The collision of the bus with the truck coming from the opposite side was heard for a kilometer.

A slight earthquake tremor was felt in Delhi yesterday morning.

He could not hide his disgust at the sad news.

Listening of the gruesome stories horrifies small children.





Contextual Examples:

It was a matter of great delight for me to shake hands with the President.

The award of the Academy Merit Certificate gladdened the father of the boy.

The visit of my friend from Shimla greatly pleased me.

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