Synonyms & Antonyms : Sincere


( Adjective )

Are they sincere in their wish to disarm?









Contextual Examples:

This book is a genuine research work of the first order.

All the statements made in the book are true and frank.

The principal spoke out his heart-felt views about the rash activities of some the students which could bring bad name to the college.

Modern politicians are supposed to be honest at least to their party ideology.

The Prime Minister has made an open statement to the opposition parties to keep him apprised of their view point on major national issues.

The government has decided to work whole-heartedly for the welfare of the poorer sections of society.





Half- hearted




Contextual Examples:

The disturbed law and order situation in some states has affected the clean thinking of many politicians in the country.

The allegations made in some quarters about India’s aggressive designs against Sri Lanka have proved untrue.

Pakistan’s feigned views about India’s efforts to prepare for war are being exploited for going nuclear.

Pakistan’s approach to sole differences with India is half hearted and hypocritical.

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