Synonyms & Antonyms : Solemn


( Adjective )

There is a solemn silence prevailed as the coffin was carried out of the church.











Contextual Examples:

Sonia’s marriage involves performance of traditional ceremonies.

The national flag will be hoisted on the Independence Day at the Red Fort in the usual ceremonial way.

Devotional music is played at this Gurudwara early morning every day.

The opening ceremony of the Bhakra Dam was performed in the background of pious national anthem and parade.






Contextual Examples:

There is nothing impious in performing the opening ceremony without the usual mantras.

There is nothing irreligious in departing from the traditional pattern so long as the objective of a mission is noble and pure. The sanctity of a programme lies in its overall benefit to the common people.

The ceremony does not become sacrilegious so long as the spirit of the occasion is fully imbibed and enthusiasm aroused.

If we can call agricultural and industrial projects as temples of modern age, it is not irreverent to compare the manager of such an industry with the head-priest of the religious temple.

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