Difficult Words :

Supercilious and Succumb

Difficult Words : Supercilious and Succumb

Succumb (suh KUM) v: to yield or submit, to die

I had said I wasn't going to eat anything at the party, but when Ann held the tray of imported chocolates under my nose, I quickly succumbed and ate all of them.

The Martians in The War of the Worlds survived every military weapon known to man but succumbed to the common cold.

When Willard reached the age of 110, his family began to think that he would live forever, but he succumbed not long after wards.

Supercilious (SOO pur SIL ee us) adj: haughty, patronizing

The supercilious Rolls-Royce salesman treated us like peasants until we opened our suitcase full of one-hundred-dollar bills.

The newly famous author was so supercilious that he pretended not to recognize members of his own family whom he now believed to be beneath him.

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