Difficult Words :

Tenuous and Tentative

Difficult Words : Tenuous and Tentative

Tentative (TEN tuh tiv) adj: experimental, temporary, uncertain

George made a tentative effort to paint his house by himself. He slapped some paint on the front door and his clothes, tipped over the bucket and finally called a professional.

Our plans for the party are tentative at this point, but we are considering hiring a troupe of accordionists to play polkas while our guests are eating dessert.

Hugo believed himself to be a great wit, but his big joke was rewarded by nothing more than a very tentative chuckle from his audience.

Tenuous (TEN yoo us) adj: flimsy, extremely thin

The organization's financial situation has always been tenuous. The balance of the checking account is usually close to zero.

The hostess's tenuous gown, which had been made from a sheet of clear plastic, certainly made her popular with her male guests.

To attenuate is to make thin. Extenuating circumstances are those that lessen the magnitude of something, especially a crime.

Percy admitted that he stole the Cracker Jacks but claimed that there were extenuating circumstances. He had o money to buy food for his pet armadillo.

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