Difficult Words :

Trepidation and Transient

Difficult Words : Trepidation and Transient

Transient (TRAN shunt) adj: not staying for a long time, temporary

The transient breeze provided some relief from the summer heat, but we were soon perspiring again.

The child's smile was transient. It disappeared as soon as the candy bar was gone.

A hotel's inhabitants are transient. They come and go and the population changes every night.

Transient can also be a noun. A transient person is sometimes called a transient.

Hoboes, mendicants and other homeless people are often called transients.

A very similar word is transitory which means not lasting very long. A transient breeze might provide transitory relief from the heat. The breeze didn't stay very long. The relief didn't last very long.

Trepidation (TREP i DAY shun) n: fear, apprehension, nervous trembling

The nursery school students were filled with trepidation when they saw the other children in their class dressed in their Halloween costumes.

The trepidation of the swimming team was readily apparent. Their knees were knocking as they lined up along the edge of the pool.

To be fearless is to be intrepid.

The intrepid captain sailed his ship around the world with only a handkerchief for a sail.

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