Difficult Words :

Vicissitude and Vicarious

Difficult Words : Vicissitude and Vicarious

Vicarious (vye KAIR ee us) adj: experienced, performed or suffered through someone else, living through the experiences of another as though they were one's own experiences

To take vicarious pleasure in someone else's success is to enjoy that person's success as though it were your own.

We all felt a vicarious thrill when the mayor's daughter won fourth prize in the regional kick-boxing competition.

Vicissitude (vi SIS I TOOD) n: upheaval, natural change, change is fortune

The vicissitudes of the stock market were too much for Penny. She decided to look for a job that would stay the same from one day to the next.

The vicissitudes of the local political machine were such that one could never quite be certain whom one was supposed to bribe.

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