10th December

The events happened on 10th December are :

1901 : Nobel Prizes first awarded : The first Nobel Prizes were distributed on this day in 1901, the fifth anniversary of the death of Swedish industrialist Alfred Bernhard Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, who founded and endowed the awards through his will.

1996 : South African President Nelson Mandela signed a new constitution that completed a transition from a long period of white-minority rule (apartheid) to full-fledged democracy.

1982 : A treaty codifying the Law of the Sea was signed by 117 countries.

1948 : The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

1898 : Representatives of Spain and the United States signed the Treaty of Paris, concluding the Spanish-American War.

1891 : Nelly Sachs, a German Jewish poet and dramatist who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1966, was born.

1850 : In the United States, following the Compromise of 1850, a Georgia state convention adopted the Georgia Platform in qualified support for the Union.

1835 : The social reform and literary movement Young Germany was identified collectively by that name in a resolution passed by the Diet of the German Confederation that demanded suppression of their writings.

1508 : Pope Julius II, the Holy Roman emperor Maximilian I, Louis XII of France, and Ferdinand II of Aragon formed the League of Cambrai.

1041 : Michael V Calaphates ascended the throne of the Byzantine Empire following the death of Michael IV.

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