Today in History

Today in History is very important day. Everyday is a red-letter day in the history. AT least one very important event, either happy one or heart-renting incident, might have taken place in one corner of the world. Here is the list of those important events which take taken place throughout the year. As it has been said by a reputed scientist that every incident has an impact on what is going on around us, these incidents also have impacted this world. We have done our best to collect all the important events. We have listed those events day-wise for all days in the year. You are welcome to share any important incident that might have taken place in your proximity.

1st December
2nd December
3rd December
4th December
5th December
6th December
7th December
8th December
9th December
10th December
11th December
12th December
13th December
14th December
15th December
16th December
17th December
18th December
19th December
20th December
21st December
22nd December
23rd December
24th December
25th December
26th December
27th December
28th December
29th December
30th December
31st December

1st January
2nd January
3rd January
4th January
5th January
6th January
7th January
8th January
9th January
10th January
11th January
12th January
13th January
14th January
15th January
16th January
17th January
18th January
19th January
20th January
21st January
22nd January
23rd January
24th January
25th January
26th January
27th January
28th January
29th January
30th January
31st January

1st February
2nd February
3rd February
4th February
5th February
6th February
7th February
8th February
9th February
10th February
11th February
12th February
13th February
14th February
15th February
16th February
17th February
18th February
19th February
20th February
21st February
22nd February
23rd February
24th February
25th February
26th February
27th February
28th February


1st March
2nd March
3rd March
4th March
5th March
6th March
7th March
8th March
9th March
10th March
11th March
12th March
13th March
14th March
15th March
16th March
17th March
18th March
19th March
20th March
21st March
22nd March
23rd March
24th March
25th March
26th March
27th March
28th March
29th March
30th March
31st March


1st April
2nd April
3rd April
4th April
5th April
6th April
7th April
8th April
9th April
10th April
11th April
12th April
13th April
14th April
15th April
16th April
17th April
18th April
19th April
20th April
21st April
22nd April
23rd April
24th April
25th April
26th April
27th April
28th April
29th April
30th April



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