13th April

The events happened on 13th April are :

1895 : Alfred Dreyfus imprisoned on Devils Island : Accused of selling military secrets to Germany and convicted in an irregular trial against a backdrop of anti-Semitism, French officer Alfred Dreyfus was imprisoned this day in 1895 on Devils Island, off French Guiana.

2002 : The military coup that a day before had installed businessman Pedro Carmona Estanga as interim president of Venezuela collapsed this day, and the following morning Hugo Chávez was restored to the presidency.

1943 : The Thomas Jefferson Memorial was dedicated in East Potomac Park on the south bank of the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.

1941 : Japan concluded a neutrality pact with the Soviet Union in World War II.

1909 : American short-story writer and novelist Eudora Welty, whose work is mainly focused with great precision on the regional manners of people inhabiting a small Mississippi town that resembles her own birthplace and the Delta country, was born.

1906 : Nobel Prize-winning playwright and critic Samuel Beckett is believed to have been born this day in Ireland.

1640 : King Charles I of England convened the Short Parliament, the first to be summoned in 11 years.

1598 : King Henry IV of France promulgated the Edict of Nantes in Brittany, granting a large measure of religious liberty to his Protestant subjects, the Huguenots.

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