13th January

The events happened on 13th January are :

1898 : Émile Zola's “J'accuse” published : On this day in 1898, French author Émile Zola published an open letter in the newspaper L'Aurore denouncing the French general staff for its role in the 1894 treason conviction of Jewish French army officer Alfred Dreyfus.

1997 : President Abdala Bucaram of Ecuador visited President Alberto Fujimori of Peru, the first official visit to Peru by an Ecuadoran president in 150 years.

1942 : American industrialist Henry Ford patented plastic automobile construction.

1884 : Russian-born American singer Sophie Tucker, the “Last of the Red-Hot Mamas,” was born.

1832 : Horatio Alger, one of the most popular American authors in the last 30 years of the 19th century and perhaps the most socially influential American writer of his generation, was born.

1808 : Salmon P. Chase, secretary of the Treasury (1861–64) in Abraham Lincoln's wartime cabinet and sixth chief justice of the United States (1864–73), was born.

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