15th March

The events happened on 15th March are :

44 : Julius Caesar assassinated on the Ides of March : In 44 BC Roman dictator Julius Caesar was launching a series of political and social reforms when he was assassinated this day, the Ides of March, by a group of nobles, among whom were Cassius and Brutus.

2003 : Hu Jintao succeeded Jiang Zemin as the president of China.

1917 : During the first phase of the Russian Revolution, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate, thus ending the rule of the Romanov dynasty.

1875 : Pope Pius IX appointed John McCloskey the first American cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.

1781 : American revolutionaries won a strategic victory over the British at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in North Carolina.

1614 : Franciscus Sylvius, whose studies helped shift medical emphasis from mystical speculation to a rational application of the laws of physics, was born in Hanau, Germany.

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