18th July

The events happened on 18th July are :

1918 : Allied counterattack in the Second Battle of the Marne : The last large German offensive of World War I, the Second Battle of the Marne, was called off on this day just as a great Allied counteroffensive began. Launched in Champagne on July 15, 1918, by German Supreme Commander General Erich Ludendorff and intended to draw French troops away from the Flanders front, the German offensive sought to capture Reims and split the French armies. But French General Ferdinand Foch foresaw the offensive and counterattacked successfully from several directions, making especially good use of light tanks.

1944 : Allied forces captured the French town of Saint-Lô during World War II.

1927 : Baseball player Ty Cobb collected his 4,000th career hit.

1817 : The English novelist Jane Austen died in Winchester, Hampshire, England.

1195 : The Almohads were victorious over the forces of King Alfonso VIII of Castile in the Battle of Alarcos.

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