20th February

The events happened on 20th February are :

1962 : John Glenn's orbit of Earth : John H. Glenn, Jr., the oldest of seven astronauts selected by NASA for Project Mercury spaceflight training (and later a U.S. senator), became on this day in 1962 the first American to orbit Earth, doing so three times.

1986 : The Soviet Union launched the core module of the space station Mir.

1976 : The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization held its final exercise in Manila (and formally ended on June 30, 1977).

1943 : The volcano Parícutin in Michoacán, Mexico, erupted, eventually burying two villages.

1929 : The U.S. Congress formally accepted the deeds of cession of eastern Samoa, forming American Samoa.

1909 : Italian author Filippo Tommaso Marinetti coined the term Futurism in the Parisian newspaper Le Figaro.

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