23rd January

The events happened on 23rd January are :

1997 : Madeleine Albright sworn in as U.S. secretary of state : On this day in 1997, Madeleine Albright, who had earlier served as U.S. ambassador to the UN, assumed under President Bill Clinton the office of secretary of state, becoming the first woman to hold that cabinet post.

1997 : The Age of Aquarius dawned, some astrologers believe, because for the first time since 1475 a number of planets, the Sun, and the Moon were aligned in a perfect six-pointed star in the first degrees of Aquarius.

1898 : Sergey Mikhaylovich Eisenstein, a Russian film director and theorist known for such classics as Potemkin (1925), Alexander Nevsky (1938), and Ivan the Terrible (released in two parts, 1944 and 1958), was born.

1849 : Born in England, Elizabeth Blackwell received her M.D. degree from Geneva Medical College in New York, becoming the first American-trained woman physician.

1789 : Georgetown College (now Georgetown University) was established in Washington, D.C.

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