23rd July

The events happened on 23rd July are :

1952 : Egyptian monarchy toppled by coup : A movement of military conspirators—the Free Officers led by Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser—toppled the Egyptian monarchy in a coup on this day. Army officer Anwar el-Sādāt favoured the immediate public execution of King Farouk and some members of the establishment, but Nasser vetoed the idea and permitted Farouk and others to go into exile. The country was taken over by a Revolutionary Command Council of 11 officers controlled by Nasser, with Major General Moḥammad Naguib as the puppet head of state.

1997 : Slobodan Milošević became president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (comprising Serbia and Montenegro) after serving as president of Serbia from 1989.

1970 : Sultan Saʿīd ibn Taymūr of Oman was overthrown by his son, Qābūs ibn Saʿīd, in a palace coup.

1945 : Marshal Philippe Pétain of France went on trial for treason during World War II.

1844 : Attilio and Emilio Bandiera were executed along with nine others following a failed revolt against Austrian rule in Italy.

685 : John V succeeded St. Benedict II and was consecrated as pope.

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