24th February

The events happened on 24th February are :

1868 : U.S. President Andrew Johnson impeached : On this day in 1868, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 126–47 to impeach President Andrew Johnson, whose lenient Reconstruction policies regarding the South after the Civil War angered Radical Republicans in Congress.

1991 : U.S. ground operations began in the First Persian Gulf War, more than a month after an air war was launched against Iraq to free Iraqi-occupied Kuwait.

1976 : The regime of Fidel Castro adopted the constitution of Cuba, which mandated the operation of only one political party—the Communist Party of Cuba.

1942 : The Voice of America made its first broadcast, in German, to counter the propaganda of Nazi leaders.

1848 : The antimonarchal Revolutions of 1848 reached France, the one nation where the insurgency was successful.

1821 : Agustín de Iturbide made an appeal for an independent Mexico in the Iguala Plan.

1803 : In Marbury v. Madison, the U.S. Supreme Court declared an act of Congress unconstitutional, thus establishing the doctrine of judicial review.

1739 : The Battle of Karnal pitted the invading forces of Nādir Shah of Iran against Muḥammad Shah, Mughal emperor of India.

1525 : The forces of the Habsburg emperor Charles V annihilated the army of Francis I of France at the Battle of Pavia.

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