29th June

The events happened on 29th June are :

1613 : London's Globe Theatre destroyed by fire : During a performance of William Shakespeare's Henry VIII on this day, the thatch of the Globe Theatre was accidentally alighted by a cannon set off to mark the king's entrance onstage. The theatre, built by Cuthbert and Richard Burbage, was destroyed within the hour. The primary showcase for the plays of Shakespeare and his group of fellow actors, the Chamberlain's Men, it was rebuilt within a year of its destruction and continued to operate until 1642.

1913 : Following a year of war with the Ottoman Empire, members of the victorious Balkan League quarreled over the division of the conquered territories, resulting in the Second Balkan War when Bulgaria attacked Greek and Serbian forces in Macedonia.

1861 : English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, famous for her Sonnets from the Portuguese, died at age 55 from a severe chill.

1767 : The Townshend Revenue Act, an import tax on tea and other goods, was imposed on the American colonists by British Chancellor Charles Townshend, bringing the Americans one step closer to revolution.

1534 : French mariner Jacques Cartier discovered Prince Edward Island off the coast of modern-day Canada.

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