2nd December

The events happened on 2nd December are :

1823 : Monroe Doctrine : The Monroe Doctrine, which declared that the U.S. would not interfere in European affairs but that its sphere of interest included the entire Western Hemisphere, was enunciated by President James Monroe this day in 1823.

1982 : William C. DeVries implanted the first permanent artificial heart in Barney Clark.

1971 : The United Arab Emirates was formed by the union of six small emirates on the Arabian Peninsula, with a seventh emirate joining in February 1972.

1954 : The U.S. Senate voted to censure Senator Joseph R. McCarthy for his conduct in the investigation of communism in the United States.

1942 : Scientists led by Enrico Fermi conducted the world's first controlled self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction at the University of Chicago.

1884 : American monologuist and monodramatist Ruth Draper was born in New York City.

1859 : Abolitionist John Brown was hanged following a raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia.

1804 : Napoleon was crowned emperor of France by Pope Pius VII.

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