2nd January

The events happened on 2nd January are :

1492 : Granada reclaimed by Spain : On this day in 1492, Granada, home of the Alhambra palace and the seat and final stronghold of the Moorish kingdom in Spain, was surrendered to the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand II and Isabella I, ending the Reconquest.

1950 : German actor Emil Jannings died.

1935 : The widely publicized trial of Bruno Hauptmann began in New Jersey as he faced charges of kidnapping and murdering the infant son of famed American aviator Charles A. Lindbergh.

1905 : The Russians surrendered Port Arthur (now Lüshun, China) to the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War.

1904 : American actress, fan dancer, and bubble dancer Sally Rand was born in Elkton, Missouri.

1896 : Dziga Vertov, a Soviet motion-picture director whose kino-glaz (“film-eye") theory had international impact on the development of documentaries and cinema realism during the 1920s, was born.

1863 : The Battle of Stones River came to an end during the American Civil War.

1861 : Frederick William IV, king of Prussia from 1840, died at Sanssouci Palace on this day in 1861.

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