3rd July

The events happened on 3rd July are :

1863 : Battle of Gettysburg ended : Following three days of unparalleled battlefield violence, hostilities ended in the countryside surrounding Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on this day. Considered a turning point of the American Civil War, the victory at the Battle of Gettysburg, by the Union forces under George G. Meade over the Confederates commanded by Robert E. Lee, came when a Southern spearhead temporarily penetrated Federal lines but was thrown back, forcing Lee to retreat.

1976 : Israel raided a hijacked airliner in Entebbe, Uganda, to rescue hostages.

1962 : Algeria gained its independence from France.

1856 : The House of Representatives voted to admit Kansas to statehood under the antislavery resolution known as the Topeka Constitution, despite the opposition of the Senate and President Franklin Pierce.

1608 : Samuel de Champlain founded the city of Quebec, the first permanent European base in Canada.

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