7th July

The events happened on 7th July are :

1898 : Hawaiian Islands annexed by the United States : Despite the foundations of constitutional government laid down by Kamehameha III and formal avowals of Hawaiian independence by the United States, Great Britain, and France, political maneuvering continued to the contrary. A succession of overt and covert diplomatic moves culminated in the signing of a reciprocity treaty with the United States in 1875. The kingdom of Hawaii was then overthrown in 1893, and a republic was formed with U.S. support. The final stamp of U.S. domination came when Congress annexed Hawaii through a joint resolution signed by President William McKinley on this day.

1978 : The Solomon Islands became an independent nation.

1946 : Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini became the first U.S. citizen to be canonized by the Roman Catholic church.

1937 : Chinese and Japanese troops clashed near the Marco Polo Bridge outside Beijing (Peking) prior to World War II.

1807 : The first of the Treaties of Tilsit was signed between France and Russia after Napoleon's victories over the Russians and Prussians.

1770 : A Russian fleet destroyed an Ottoman fleet in the Battle of Çeşme on the Aegean Sea.

1438 : King Charles VII of France issued the Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges, restricting the rights of the pope and in many cases making his jurisdiction subject to the will of the king.

1307 : King Edward I of England died on his way to subdue the new Scottish king, Robert the Bruce.

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