7th June

The events happened on 7th June are :

1929 : Lateran Treaty ratified : Through the Lateran Treaty—signed February 11, 1929, by Benito Mussolini for Italy and by Pietro Gasparri, cardinal secretary of state, for the papacy and ratified this day in 1929—Vatican City became a sovereign state.

1970 : British novelist, essayist, and social and literary critic E.M. Forster died in Coventry, Warwickshire, England.

1917 : Poet Gwendolyn Brooks, whose work depicted the everyday life of urban African Americans and who was the first African American poet to win the Pulitzer Prize (1949), was born.

1832 : Authored by Prime Minister Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, the Reform Act of 1832 came into effect—the first of the British parliamentary bills that expanded the electorate for the House of Commons and rationalized the representation of that body.

1576 : English navigator Martin Frobisher, seeking a Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean, departed England, and weeks later he reached Labrador and Baffin Island and discovered the bay that now bears his name.

1520 : Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France and their entourages gathered at the Field of the Cloth of Gold near Calais, France.

1494 : The Treaty of Tordesillas—an agreement between Spain and Portugal aimed at settling conflicts over lands newly discovered or explored by Christopher Columbus and other late 15th-century voyagers—was signed.

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