8th December

The events happened on 8th December are :

1854 : Roman Catholic doctrine of Immaculate Conception proclaimed : On this day in 1854, Pope Pius IX proclaimed the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, asserting that Mary, Jesus' mother, was preserved free from the effects of “original sin” from the first instant of her conception.

2004 : Mia Hamm, a leading figure in U.S. women's football (soccer), retired from the sport.

1991 : Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus signed an agreement to form the Commonwealth of Independent States in the wake of the demise of the Soviet Union.

1987 : The intifāḍah, an uprising of Palestinians in the territories occupied by Israel, began this week.

1987 : U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev signed a nuclear weapons reduction treaty.

1980 : John Lennon, British rock star and former member of the Beatles, was assassinated in New York City.

1903 : English thinker and scholar Herbert Spencer, best known for his work The Synthetic Philosophy, died in Brighton, Sussex, England.

1542 : Mary, Queen of Scots, was born, and six days later she became queen of Scotland.

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