8th February

The events happened on 8th February are :

1587 : Mary, Queen of Scots, beheaded : Mary, Queen of Scots, rival of Queen Elizabeth I of England, was beheaded this day in 1587 at Fotheringhay Castle, her execution a chilling scene redeemed by the great personal dignity with which she met her fate.

2002 : The XIX Winter Olympic Games opened in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1974 : The use of Skylab, a U.S. space station, came to an end after 171 days.

1920/21 : American actress Lana Turner, a sultry Hollywood glamour queen with a tumultuous private life, was born.

1915 : The landmark film The Birth of a Nation, by D.W. Griffith, made its premiere at Clune's Auditorium in Los Angeles.

1887 : The United States passed the Dawes General Allotment Act, providing for the distribution of American Indian reservation land among individual tribesmen.

1867 : The Ausgleich (“Compromise”) established the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary.

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