9th July

The events happened on 9th July are :

1816 : Argentine independence declared : An assembly meeting in Tucumán (now San Miguel de Tucumán) declared Argentina's independence from Spain on this day. The 32 delegates to the Congress of Tucumán appointed Juan Martín de Pueyrredón to serve as supreme dictator while they began a fruitless search for a monarch. The congress then moved to Buenos Aires and framed a constitution in 1819 that provided for a strong central government; however, confusion and disunity reigned in Argentina until the beginning of the dictatorship of Juan Manuel de Rosas in 1829.

2002 : Fearing that there would not be enough eligible players to continue, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig stopped the annual All-Star Game in the 11th inning with the score tied at 7–7.

1960 : The Thresher, the first of a class of U.S. nuclear-powered attack submarines, was launched; in 1963 it sank in the worst submarine accident in history.

1942 : Anne Frank and her family went into hiding in Amsterdam.

1850 : Zachary Taylor, 12th president of the United States, died only 16 months after taking office.

1828 : The American portrait painter Gilbert Stuart died in Boston.

1762 : Catherine II overthrew Peter III and began her reign as empress of Russia.

1755 : General Edward Braddock's British army was thoroughly defeated in the Battle of the Monongahela during the last French and Indian War.

1540 : The marriage of King Henry VIII of England and his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, was annulled.

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