Simple Sentences used
in A Market

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Simple Sentences used in A Market :

  1. What are you going to buy Vasanthi?

  2. What you buy, the same thing I shall buy Radha.

  3. No need to buy like that.

  4. You buy what you think.

  5. What is the cost of brinjal?

  6. Rs. 10/- per kg.

  7. Very expensive.

  8. Shall we buy potatoes?

  9. Give 5 drumsticks.

  10. Vegetables are not looking neat.

  11. Fish smell foul.

  12. Can't you stop eating fish?

  13. Where are the fruits?

  14. It is in the next block.

  15. What is the price of banana?

  16. Rs. 5/- per banana.

  17. It’s highly expensive.

  18. Does a mango cost Rs. 5/- in your place?

  19. Are you from Chennai Madam?

  20. Why? Am I so mischievous?

  21. Madam, you are like camphor.

  22. Let us do our work.

  23. Vendor, Greens vendor.

  24. How much is the greens?

  25. Madam Rs. 10/- per bundle.

  26. I am not green Madam.

  27. Do you have change for Rs. 100/-.

  28. Give me the remaining money.

  29. Hai! Call the auto.

  30. It may rain.

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