Simple Sentences

There are thousands of simple sentences which are widely used by all of us. From country to country and from profession to profession, the typical simple sentences will vary. Here we have given a collection of many typical simple sentences which you may refer for the improvement of your English Communication Skills. We have categorized them according to the situation in which those sentences are used mostly.

However, we cannot restrict the uses of these sentences to the profession in which they are widely used. You can use these sentences in other situations as well. Where and how to use these sentences wisely can be determined by your level of command over English.

We recommend that you had better develop your own style of using these sentences in accordance with the level of competence.

Grammatically speaking, Simple Sentence is the one which contains a subject and a verb and which expresses a complete thought. It is also called an independent clause. But here we use the term simple sentence in the sense that the sentence is used frequently and widely.

The Simple Sentences used .....

  1. at college
  2. in Private Office
  3. in A Market
  4. by Doctor
  5. at Airport
  6. at Bus Stand
  7. between Two Friends
  8. at School
  9. while Watching A Cricket Match in T.V.
  10. in a Family Talk
  11. in Self-Introduction ( By An Engineering Student )
  12. in Self-Introduction ( By A College Student )
  13. in Self-Introduction ( By A School Student )
  14. while seeking Permission
  15. in Congratulations
  16. while Complaining
  17. while seeking Apology
  18. to Advise
  19. for Request
  20. in Introduction
  21. in Invitation
  22. to express our Wishes
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  24. Frequently Used Spoken Words

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