A Word A Day : Homogeneous

Word of 26th April 2007: A Word A Day-Homogeneous



Homogeneous (HOH muh JEE nee us) adj: uniform, made entirely of one thing

Homogenized milk is milk in which the cream, which usually floats on top, has been permanently mixed with the rest of the milk. Skim milk is milk from which the layer of cream has been skimmed off. When milk is homogenized, it becomes a homogeneous substance-that is, it's same throughout, or uniform.

The kindergarten class was extremely homogeneous: all the children had blond hair, blue eyes, red shoes, and the same last name.

To be heterogeneous is to be mixed or varied. On Halloween the children amassed a heterogeneous collection of candy, chewing gum, popcorn, cookies, and razor blades.

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