A Word A Day : Inert

Word of 20th June 2007: A Word A Day-Inert


( Adjective )

Inert (in URT): inactive, sluggish, not reaching chemically

The baseball team seemed strangely inert. It was as though they had lost the will not only to win but even to play.

Having cold made the children inert and reluctant to get out of bed.

Helium is an inert gas: it doesn't burn, it doesn't explode and it doesn’t kill you if you inhale it.

To be inert is to be characterized by inertia. As it is most commonly used, inertia means lack of get up and go, or an inability or unwillingness to move.

In physics, inertia refers to an object's tendency to continue doing what it's doing (either moving or staying still) unless it's acted on by something else.

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