A Word A Day : Ruminate

Word of 21st July 2007: A Word A Day-Ruminate


( Verb )

Ruminate (ROO muh NATE): to contemplate, to ponder, to mull over

• This word Ruminate comes from a Latin word meaning to chew cud. Cows, sheep and other cud-chewing animals are called ruminants.

To ruminate is to quietly chew on or ponder your own thoughts.

• The teacher's comment about the causes of weather set me to ruminate about what a nice day it was and to wishing that I were outside.

• The very old man spent his last days ruminating about death and eating box after boxes of vanilla wafers.

• An act of ruminating is called rumination.

• Serge was a very private man. He kept his ruminations to himself.

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