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February 24, 2008

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( Transitive and Intransitive Verb )

Pronunciation : ko-e-l�ss

Past and past participle : coalesced
Present participle : coalescing
3rd person present singular : coalesces


1. to merge or cause things to merge into a single body or group

2. to come together so as to form one whole

3. a joining or fusing of parts


Mid-16th century - Latin coalescere - grow up together - alescere - grow up - alere - nourish


combine, compound, concrete, conjoin, conjugate, connect, consolidate, couple, join, link, marry, meld, unify, unite, wed, yoke, blend, come together, merge, unite, amalgamate, band together, cleave, mingle, fuse, adhere, cohere

� Only things of two different natures can adhere.

Cohere is for things of the same kind that stick together and form a whole.


divide, separate

Contextual Examples:

� The rebel units coalesced into one army to fight the invaders.

� All of the ideas will coalesce finally into the writing of the law.

� The two lakes coalesced into one.

� The various groups coalesced into a crowd.

� Their ideas coalesced into one theory.

Related Words:

coalescence : Noun

coalescent : Adjective

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