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( Noun )

Pronunciation : ( ab-e-ens)

1. The condition of being temporarily set aside

2. A condition of undetermined ownership, as of an estate that has not yet been assigned

3. Indefinite legal status of real estate title when lawful ownership is in question and being determined

4. The condition of being temporarily inactive

5. State of being inactive or suspended temporarily

6. Suspension


Anglo-Norman, variant of Old French abeance, desire, from abaer, to gape at : a-, at (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + baer, to gape


1. Abeyancy

2. Dormancy

3. Intermission

4. Latency

5. Quiescence

6. Suspension

7. Inaction

8. Inactiveness

9. Inactivity

10. Moratorium

11. Cold storage

12. Deferral

13. Recess

14. Deferral


1. Action

2. Activity

3. Continuance

4. Continuation

5. Operation

6. Renewal

7. Revival

Contextual Example:

• The plans are held in abeyance.

• The budget presentation has been kept in abeyance this year, due to war crisis.

Related Words:

Abeyant: Adjecive

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