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This is an Advice Letter.Mr. Arleen is a final-year student of under graduation in Engineering. He has planned to take GMAT in order to take GMAT to seek admission in a Business School. He sought the advice of his Professor Mr. Frazil on what should be done to score high marks in GMAT.

Mr. Frazil is writing a letter to Mr. Arleen advising him to improve his English knowledge.

12 Station Road,

6th December, 2005.

Dear Arleen,

I received your letter and am happy to know that you wish to compete for MBA admission by taking GMAT. Your thinking seems to be in right direction. You have asked me for my advice on how to develop your communication skills in English for scoring high marks in GMAT.

I know that you are well versed in Mathematics. So, this will make it easy for you to score the highest marks in the Quantitative Section of GMAT.

As far as the Verbal Section of GMAT is concerned, you have to improve your English knowledge to great extend to score high marks in that section.

The first thing is to expose yourself to fine examination of spoken English as you hear it on radio and television. There are plenty of programmes going on in good English. The BBC has a lot of them on radio plays, games, quizzes, talks etc. You get good English on Television programmes too, like Focus Discussion of current issues by experts in the field. The World this week and NDTV news are full of ideas expressed in the correct diction and words. In fact, you even get to know how to present information as your opinion and give an analysis of an event or issue precisely.

This kind of exposure will improve your ability to face the interview board and come out of it successfully.

Remember you may not understand all the words in the first few days. It is because your vocabulary is not developed or that you are out of touch with issues. Tune your ears and carry on listening. Take the focused approach to GMAT. And browse few websites which give you the GMAT success tips.

The next point is improving your word-power. This you could do by reading a lot of books. Let reading become your habit. That will accustom you to the word of ideas and perceptions. This will help you to have your own perception in the field of your preference.

OK. I need not go very deep into the issues now. That will scare you.

Please, do not hesitate to write letters to me periodically. I treat it as my honor to help you now and then.


Wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

Yours truly,

Signature of Frazil


This is an Advice Letter.

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