Advising Letter

This is a an Advising Letter.Ms. Clara loves Mr. Thomson. Ms. Clara seeks the advice of her family-friend Mrs. Matura. Now, Mrs. Matura is writing a letter to Ms. Clara about Ms. Clara’s love with Mr. Thomson.

11 Sophia Road,

6th July 2005.

Dear Clara,

How nice of you to confide in me! Do I really deserve to be your confidante? Anyway, you have asked me to advise you. I can only suggest things to you as a friend.

You say you and Thomson love each other deeply and that the friendship is just one month old. I think you should court each other for a six month period before you decide you are made for each other. This duration would bring out your relative merits and demerits, the stability of your love and Thomson’s capacity to tolerate your shortcomings. Notice his tendencies and hesitations.

Remember! Love is blind and lovers can not see the follies they commit. So, wisdom is required to decide on such a crucial matter. No use regretting later on.

Do keep me informed of your progress. I assure you I would be happy to learn that you two have passed in each other’s estimate.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Matura


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