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at Airport

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Simple Sentences used at Airport :

  1. Is this an International Airport?

  2. Why? Are you going to America?

  3. No, I am going to Delhi.

  4. I am also going there only.

  5. At what time?

  6. At 9.30 by Kingfisher.

  7. Is the plane ready?

  8. It should come from Trivandrum.

  9. Has the plane landed?

  10. It will take 10 minutes.

  11. Now it becomes like a town bus service.

  12. Everybody is going by airplane.

  13. Do you say that the nation is developed?

  14. I won't say like that.

  15. All are ready to spend.

  16. Are you a politician?

  17. You talk like a politician.

  18. No Sir, I am a businessman.

  19. You are asking question? Then what about you?

  20. Me? I am a journalist.

  21. That's why your talk is like that.

  22. Ticket is very cheap in Air Deccan.

  23. But the plane is too old.

  24. When will you return?

  25. After 10 days.

  26. I'll return tonight.

  27. Now 9.30 Kingfisher is on ready.

  28. Passengers are requested to board.

  29. Come on let's go.

  30. See you again when alighting.

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