Anagrams of Food and Drinks

Here are some of the funniest and best
Anagrams of Food and Drinks ever found. They are mostly well-known amongst anagrammists.

Pepperoni Pasta -- Pepper On It, ASAP!

Vanilla Pepsi- nipple saliva

A Stick Of Chewing Gum: Thing Of Magic We Suck

Chinese Food - Foods he nice

I'm a lasagna hog - go hang a salami

Picnic Basket: ants pick ice

Drinking=Drink Gin

Martini=Ram It In

Potatoes=poet's oat

Tootsie Rolls = its loser loot

Apple sauce = casual peep

Late night Chinese food party: Heating the crispy noodle fat

Martini: ram it in

Martini: mini rat

Cornish charter pie: Protien rich search

Walnut and fig tart: Fatal rat dung twin

Rhubarb crumble: Rubber club harm

Cinnamon and honey wafers: Arson now enhanced infamy

Garlic mussels: Salesgirl scum

Stuffed sardines: Disaster snuffed

Fried noodles: Defines drool

Baked sweet potatoes: Wastebasket too deep

Bass Draught Ale: Head sugar blast

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